men@shop is simply an opportunity for men to relax, with other men, over a cup of coffee and in a friendly atmosphere.

Meetings started in February 2006 when Ted Austin Woods, Warren de Montemas, Roger Horne and John Jefferson met for coffee simply to chat and enjoy some male company.

The men share in discussions of current events, express their opinions on them and their implications and make suggestions about what might/should be done about them.

Care is taken to make sure all present have an opportunity to contribute and that contentious subjects are avoided.

The meeting usually lasts about an hour, but anyone wanting to stay on is of course free to do so. These meetings are generally well attended.

men@shop meets 10.30am every Thursday at the Exeter General Store and Tuesdays at the Ye Old Bicycle Shop.

If there is someone new you would like to bring along, please contact Roger Horne on 4883 4409 beforehand, if you can, so your guest can be better made welcome. However, anyone is most welcome to just arrive on the day.

Men at Shop april 2015